Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Derelict House Next Door to me is GONE!

FINALLY! The city tore down the derelict house next door to me. I had to stay inside when they were doing most of it, due to the mold and dust in the air. I just hope it doesn't affect my birds out in the aviary, but I couldn't get them to go into the cage to bring them into the house. I think they'll be o.k., though. There is plenty of mold in the Florida air already, and they haven't died yet.

I'll be posting pics soon, but I'm still getting them resized and put onto Photobucket. It's so strange looking at it now, just a slab. All the horrible invasive plants are gone, but I'm going to have to fight them to take down the two totally rotten trees that could fall on my house during the next big storm.

One great thing is that without the house there blocking the sunlight, I'll be able to plant most of my winter veggies on that side of the house, instead of trying to dig up a whole new garden spot. I'll have to take out some cannas and lilies, but that's no biggie. They'll be dying down soon anyway. I'm hoping to build a long raised bed on that side this year, so I can put the veggies there. It will be convenient having them right there by the back door.

I've been wanting to clean out that side bed anyway, so this is the perfect opportunity to make something useful out of it, instead of it just being a place where I stashed plants I had no other place for.

So, progress is being made on the garden front. It will be very small this fall, but I can replant in January, and have a second harvest before it gets hot. By then, I'll have the raised beds built in the back, and ready to go.


Patrice Farmer said...

Woohoo!!! That's great news!!! Guess you've got a lot of work to do now that you can recieve the light.

Tomato Lady said...

That must be such a relief--and to have all that sunlight--you are going to have some happy plants.

Glad for you!

Florida Homesteader said...

I'm so thrilled, you just don't know! My house and yard look like CRAP because I've just not wanted to do anything due to that house being there. A great time for it to happen, too, because it's cool enough now to work outdoors.