Saturday, April 25, 2009

Early harvest from my veggie garden

I know I need to take more pictures, but it's a serious pain having to resize them and try to get them to line up right on Blogger.

I actually harvested some veggies last week, a few green beans and 4 squash. I gave the green beans and one squash to my neighbor, because I'm on this 10 day fast. She cooked the green beans in spaghetti sauce...sort of yucky to my mind, but she enjoyed them, so oh well.

She and I are doing sort of a "joint gardening" thing this year. Since I can get the veggie seeds with my foodstamps, I'm buying seeds, and she and I are sharing the harvest. She has much more planted then I do, but I'm working more on getting my gardens ready for fall. I have a lot of stuff in pots, as well, so I guess that counts.

I planted way too many crookneck squash, so I actually dug some up and gave them to her, and they transplanted well, so now she has squash plants too. Same with the peppers. I planted a bunch of yellow bell peppers, some of which I gave to her and another neighbor, and some I kept for myself. Tomatoes go without saying, because I only really planted the earlier ones for her, and gave her all the winter tomatoes. I only like tomatoes for sandwiches, and I love cherry tomatoes, so most of what I have going now is cherry, grape, and beefsteak varieties. I do have the Cherokee Purples, which I'm pleased to say are doing very well so far.

My potato pot (experimental) seems to be thriving, and I found some old lathe screening the other day, and wrapped it around inside the pot, so I can keep adding leaves and see just how many potatoes I can get. I'll try to get a pic of that up. It's really ugly, but I'm going for utilitarian, and it IS an experiment, after all. My sweet potato bin experiment doesn't seem to be doing as well, so I'm working on figuring out another scenario for that one. Vines simply stopped growing, very unlike sweet potato vines.

On the upside, the citrus trees (all but the kumquat) are loaded with blooms. Usually, during a warm winter, they bloom in March, and the wind blows all the blooms off. This year, probably due to colder weather, they bloomed in April, after the worst of the winds had passsed, so here's to keeping my fingers crossed I'll be in this house long enough to see the fruit.

Yes, I'm still facing foreclosure, but still fighting it. It's so sad to me that their greed is causing me to lose all this, but I just prefer to think that the universe has something better in store for me. Maybe I will be able to rent a room from someone in exchange for working in their yard. That would be perfect, wouldn't it?

Anyway, keep me in your prayers. Until then, I'll be here, plugging away at the garden, trying to survive.

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Patrice Farmer said...

I hope it doesn't come to that but sometimes eliminating and starting over is a good thing. Glad your garden is going well. Let us know what happens.