Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Un-Update to The Urban Homestead Story

Summer is Florida is brutally hot. It's all one can do to just get out early and maintain what is there, and sometimes you can't do that. For instance, my side garden is so overgrown right now that the power company sent me a note saying it could not get to my meter to read it. Actually, it's not so bad that they can't get to it, but it's not fun. They're exaggerating. Nevertheless, I'll go out and weed whack and trim so they can read my meter.

So this isn't much of an update. I've done pretty much nothing, other than nurture the few plants I had started to sell, and toss some of the free horse manure around a banana tree, along with some kitchen scraps, which gave me melons growing around it. I guess that's progress of a sort, right?

Does it count that I actually picked about 10 cherry tomatoes from my one potted plant, and rooted three suckers for the fall garden? If so, I haven't done exactly nothing.

OH! I also started some grape tomato seeds. About 8 of them. I hope they survive to be transplanted into larger pots. They have true leaves now, at least.

And I did get three somewhat sad looking suckers from my friend's tomato bushes that are pretty much dying, and root them in 3 inch pots. If they live, I'll plant them in the fall as well.

Financially, though, things just keep going further and further downhill. I'm down to my last $100 and am seeing that maybe I won't be able to make it without getting at least a part time job. I'm still planning on selling my old car, and just about everything non-essential in my life, so I'll blog about that later.

It's really tough right now, so I'd better get to writing some articles to sell, or I'll be blogging from the free computers at the library.

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