Thursday, June 26, 2008

One More Week to Unemployment

I resigned my job last Saturday. One can only take so much abuse. I was expecting them to call and try to get me to come back, but no one did, so I'm making other plans. Now I'll really have time to pursue my dream of an urban homestead and making money growing plants and teaching others to help green the planet.

I have no concrete plans yet, except that I'd like to teach some free gardening classes at the Library, and do some landscape consulting. Maybe I'll change that to helping people set up veggie gardens in their own yards, or even do container veggie gardening.

Whatever I do, I have to remember that I need to make some money somehow, so I may have to take a part time job in the meantime, but not 10 miles away like my present job. I'd love to be within walking distance of my house. There are possibilities, but probably not until August or September, because that's our busy season here.

In the meantime, I'm going to become as self-sufficient as I can get, and get that backyard nursery set up so I can sell some plants.

Oh well, at least this will make me get rid of some of my junk. I'll need to do that to make some money as well.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless!


pelenaka said...
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pelenaka said...

There is nothing soo full of endless possablities than starting over with a clean slate.
Also nothing soo motivating than poverty ... lol.
Congradulations and thank you for adding me to your blog roll.

Florida Homesteader said...

Yes, poverty is motivating, but I've lived in it for so long, I don't know anything else.

If you know of any other urban homestead bloggers, let me know, and I'll add them too.

Pasifik said...

i have visited all of your blogs. i think you are a professional blogger already. title "one more week to unemployment" really catch my eye to read the whole story.
the idea is you can make money online if you serious with it, right?

good luck!

Florida Homesteader said...

pasifik, thank you so much. I'm trying to make a living online, but it's very slow, and I may be forced to get an outside job to make ends meet.