Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomato Report

I separated and repotted almost all the tomato seedlings today.

I had 10 Cherokee Purple seedlings, and I only need four at best, so I put the rest into styrofoam cups to share with neighbors.

I put both Husky Cherry Reds into 3 gallon pots. Never have grown these before, but they look like patio tomatoes, so I'm sure they'll be fine in the pots.

I cut some suckers of of the Park's Whopper, and put those into a 1 gallon pot to root. This is my favorite tomato variety, so I want lots of them.

I ran out of soil, or I would have separated and potted up the Black Pear tomatoes as well. I have 5 of those, so I'm going to keep two and give the rest away.

I need to go get more soil, and also I need to get more styrofoam cups. I didn't plan on working outside today, but the tomatoes needed desperately to be transplanted, so I did it. I can't walk outside without doing something! There is just so much to get done.

Tomorrow I'm going to dig up and move the Ice Cream bananas and replace them with Yellow Bell Pepper plants.


Patrice Farmer said...

Do you have a picture of the Ice Cream peppers?

Jane Ellis said...

Hi... question -- do you use everyday Florida soil/dirt to grow your tomatoes, or do you buy bags from homedepot? I was never able to grow healthy tomato plants with Florida dirt... just curious.

Also, if you are interested, I highly recommend The Tomato Stake.
So simple and easy, and actually cheapter than most other products.

Florida Homesteader said...

Patrice: They're not ice cream peppers, they are actually banana trees.

Jane: I dig a huge hole and fill it with composted manure or some other compost to plant the tomatoes in. You have to do that, or the nematodes will get them.