Sunday, May 3, 2009

What to do with the peppers?

I have a dozen or more (still) baby yellow bell pepper plants.  I like bell peppers, really I do, but how many bell peppers do you really need?  I have two plants in the ground and one in a 3 gallon pot.  I personally think that's enough for me.  I'll put a couple in small pots for Jillaurie, if we ever get to visit, and a few maybe in 1 gallon pots to try to keep going for the fall garden, but other than that,  I think I'll have to toss the rest. 

I hate throwing out plants, especially vegetable plants, but hey...peppers take water and fertilizer.  I don't know anyone else who might want them around here.  WAIT...the people on the corner have a small garden plot, and he's a landscaper who knows how to garden, so maybe they would be interested.  Yes, I'll put them in little yogurt cups and take them over when they get established.

My veggies are already showing signs of heat stress.  They need daily watering, and wilt badly during midday.  Our temps are already  into the high 80's, and one day it actually hit 90.  I don't expect to get anymore tomatoes, since they don't pollinate in temperatures over 90.  I'll have to go out like I  have done before with a moist q-tip and pollinate them myself in the evening when it's cool. 

My cherry and grape tomatoes are, of course, thriving.  They love the summer, and I love them.  One new variety I'm growing this year is "Husky Cherry Red", which is a large cherry tomato that is yummy!  I have already saved one to get seeds for the fall garden.

I repotted a Cherokee Purple into a 5 gallon bucket and put it out between two of the citrus trees, where the oak tree shades it in the afternoon.  I have another growing in a 7 gallon pot in the  shade with an eggplant....another experiment. 

I've gotten quite a few "seed" beans from the one plant I allowed to grow and go to seed.  Wish I had done the whole row, as I ended up not planting anything there yet.  Still, I think between that one and letting one other in the row go to seed when they stop bearing, I'll have plenty of seeds for the fall garden.  I have a bowl of beans in the fridge right now waiting to be snapped and cooked.

The citrus trees, all but the kumquat and one navel, which were cut back, all have small fruits on them, and it looks like I may even get a few Dancy Tangerines and maybe one or two Hamlins this year.  This will be the first time in 12 years that they have all borne fruit at one time.  All because my friend told me to fertilize them a little each month for 9 months instead of three times a year.  Amazing.

Well, that's all for now.  See you back on the homestead!

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