Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Horse Manure

I love free stuff, so I regularly cruise freecycle sites or craigslist for freebies in my area. Lucky thing, because the other day, I found a person in my town who was offering free horse manure. I called, set up a time, and went and got several bags full. She said I could come and get more whenever I wanted, to just call and let her know I was coming. Great! Now I have free fertilizer and soil amendment for my garden and my potting soil.

I only got about 100 lbs. today, and that won't last me any time at all, so I'm going to go back as soon as I can and get more. I had a friend with me today, and we went unprepared somewhat. What I needed to do was bring a bucket to put the bags in to hold them upright, but I didn't, and trying to shovel manure into a bag and keep it standing at the same time is not easy!

So next time I go, I'll be better prepared, and will definitely get more.

I'll be mixing most of it in with the soil in the garden spot, or maybe just lay it on top, and layer it like a lasagna garden. Haven't really figured that one out yet.

This is so exciting, knowing I have a constant source of free fertilizer right down the road! I feel like this is a real beginning to something good.


JeaneBee said...

I grew up with ponies and horses and like (I almost could say LOVE) the smell of horse manure. Reminds me of home.

Free is one of my all time favorite words...along with B1G1 free.

Good luck with your gardening dream.


Florida Homesteader said...

Hi Jeanebee!
I just tossed some out around one of my banana trees that wasn't doing too well, and threw some scraps on top of it, and now it's growing like mad, and I also have melons growing around it.