Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Urban Co-op - Sort Of

I was talking to my neighbor and friend yesterday about making some extra money. She knows my plans about the urban homestead, and I asked her why she couldn't grow and sell some plants. She has a green thumb, and loves to grow things, so I suggested that since her yard is mostly sun, and mine is mostly shade, she grow the herbs and sun loving plants, and I grow the tropicals. That way, we could work together, which would make it easier on both of us, since we both have some limitations.

I think that if we really get it going, it will be a great cooperative effort. I was looking at my lot, and realizing that I will have to grow most of my veggies on the side and front yard, since there is very little sun in the back due to two large oaks. I'll have to get the oaks cut back, and I was thinking of even taking one out, but I started looking, and I have plenty of space for veggies on the side, and could mix veggies with ornamentals (a true cottage garden) in the front.

This whole project is becoming a whirlwind, since I will be needing to support myself sooner than later. I'm happy, though, because I'll be doing something that I love, and contributing to the greening of the planet as well.

If it works out between the two of us, I might try to get a little neighborhood coop going, to see how much we can produce. There are so many people around here who do nothing with their yards, even though they have plenty of space. If we could just get a few families growing their own veggies, it would be great.

Tiny baby steps to saving the planet, but if we got a million people just growing their own tomatoes and cucumbers, think of what that would save. Plus, the more green things we plant, the more carbon dioxide we reduce.

It's hard to go so slowly, because I want to do it all now! I just have to tell myself "no", and plod ahead at a snail's pace, to be sure I do this right.

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